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GSO Test

GSO Test

Year 4

Meet the Team

4A Class Teacher: Ms J Dutson

4A Teaching Assistant: Ms B Mena 

4A Learning Support Assistant: Ms D Nicholas 


4B Class Teacher: Ms D McCarthy/Ms A Banner

 4B Teaching Assistant: Ms B Mena 

4B Learning Support Assistants: Ms D Scarpellini 

Our Learning this Term

Maths in Year 4

RE Topics 

How you can help your child at home


Year 4 Learning Zone


Area of Learning 




A wonderful site where pupils can go to practice their skills for all areas of the English curriculum including spelling, grammar, punctuation, reading and speaking and listening. 

Primary Maths Games


A great site for pupils to practice their arithmetic, reasoning and problem solving skills through fun activities. 

BBC Bitesize


Fun activities and interactive clips will keep children engaged while they practice their skills and develop their scientific knowledge of the world around them. 


Contact the Class Teacher

If you would like to make an appointment to see your child's class teacher, please email the school office using the link below and put the teacher's name in the subject line. 

Contact the Class Teacher


Year 4 Parent Council Reps

 4A Parent Council Rep - Marie Fabre

4B Parent Council Rep - Karen Townsend