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Attachment Aware School

Ms Cliff and our Mental Health Lead, Ms Read have taken part in an Attachment project led by Hammersmith and Fulham Virtual School and the Educational Psychology Service. 

Attachment theory focuses on relationships and bonds (particularly long-term) between people, including those between a parent and child. It is a psychological explanation for the emotional bonds and relationships between people.

This theory suggests that people are born with a need to forge bonds with caregivers as children. These early bonds may continue to have an influence on attachments throughout life.

The central theme of attachment theory is that primary caregivers who are available and responsive to an infant's needs allow the child to develop a sense of security. The infant learns that the caregiver is dependable, which creates a secure base for the child to then explore the world.

Why do we need Attachment Aware Schools?

  • A universal approach  is needed by some and beneficial to all 
  • It helps schools understand the behaviour of our most vulnerable pupils
  • To support healthy development and recovery post-pandemic 
  • To equally promote healthy social and emotional development for all children and young people
  • To understand that secure attachment relationships correlate strongly with higher academic attainment, better self-regulation, well-being and social competence 
  • To develop a clear plan and evidence of how our school is promoting pupil’s social and emotional well-being 

All staff will be trained to understand attachment and a Lead Practitioner will continue to work with us to ensure Attachment Aware Practice is in place in our school.