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Prayer and Worship

 “Prayer and worship are central to all that the school does and the commitment to social justice and the Common Good is well understood by pupils.” Section 48 Inspection



At Holy Cross, we come together in our key stages and as a whole school for collective worship. Collective consists of a group of people coming together at an appropriate time, in an appropriate place intentionally to focus upon things of worth and value for the group. 



“The provision for prayer, collective worship and the liturgical life of the school is outstanding. Prayer is central to the daily life of the school.” Section 48 Inspection


Click here for prayers we say at Holy Cross. 

Collective worship gives us:

  • A sense of special time 
  • A sense of special place 
  • The intention of focusing on matters of worth ‘beyond the everyday’ 
  • A sense of occasion.

Times of collective worship are educational, planned learning experiences. They contributes to the education of the pupils and facilitate spiritual growth and respect of each other’s religious beliefs and practices. This may be done by evoking the sense of beauty, awe, wonder or feelings of pride, pity, sharing or by exploring the spirituality of life and experience.

Child Led Worship

Children's opportunities for Catholic prayer and worship are varied and rich experiences. The children work together to plan and deliver personalised Child Led Worship to their peers following the structure: Gather, Listen to The Word, Respond and Mission

Both the children and staff enjoy these incredibly special and reverent moments with God where they explore their faith through word, silence, music, gesture, art, stillness, colour, sign and symbol.